Personalised Pin Locked Storage box within a tribe

Hello Guys (and ladies). I’m new to modding and have been playing around with the dev kit for a few weeks, but I am struggling to understand the blueprint system implemented in the dev kit. What I have been asked to do by the server admin is attempt to make a storage box which can only be accessed by a single player within a tribe. I understand how the tribe governance works and have explained that this might not be possible.

My initial thought is to try and use the sleeping bag as a template since this is dedicated to the player who crafts it, however with the lack of documentation (hint hint epic) I cant seem to find any setting which would lock a blueprint/inventory to a single player.

Any help would be appreciated.

You could try restricting it by personal owner via the graph.

again sorry I am new to modding but does the system recognise who places the object regardless of tribe governance settings ?? I.e we have tribe governance set to structures are tribe owned … what we want is to be able to change the ownership of a storage box to personally owned without changing the tribe governance settings