Personal Vault be seperated with the generic content


It would be more than great to have a separate place between the generic content in the vault and the user/personal/bought stuff.

It might not seem much but, after it buying -more than enough- content from the unreal marketplace one can really get lost in the content.

Thanks in advance for your time and your great set of tools,

I was just about to create thread on the Vault regarding a similar issue so I might as lump it here. Even before the crazy Black Friday-Cyber Monday spending spree, I had too much in the Vault main interface, it was difficult to locate add-in modules and content.

Please implement a user managed metadata/tag or folder system that allows us to categorise/sort/separate the content in the Vault. Even if at the very least you could sort with the Marketplace categories.

For example:

  1. My Projects
  2. Animations
  3. Tools (FX,Scripts etc)
  4. Props (for all 3rd Party models)

Would really help.


Probably not what you want to hear but Launcher + Marketplace requests are lagging.
What is needed anyway is a helpful guide or full-list of don’ts when managing assets.
There are too many threads / posts on broken / deleted references / related problems.
This stuff didn’t happen that much in UDK, but the UE4 file / folder system is unwieldy.

You can manage assets yourself without using the Launcher beyond downloading projects.
Just make a vault of your own and add dummy empty projects in the case of Add-To-Project.
Run 2 Editor sessions with master & active project etc and ‘migrate’ assets between the two.
Afterwards copy & paste will even work as per other apps (its how UDK GAD used to work etc).