Personal ProgressBar Update

Hello !
So i make a progress bar look like Overwatch.

And I add it to a vertical box with a CreateWidget Function.

So my issue is when i try to update my progress bar. Because it in vertical box i don’t know how to acces at those parameter for update it.

I have no idea how i can do that.

I Success to do it! I make a timer by a function. That destroy the last bar and create it a new every time.

Hey nice you got it sorted out.

Destroying a creating a widget all the time might not be the best way to go about this. You will need to bind the value of each progress bar to their respective stats, presumably inside your player character.
If you feel like sharing how you are doing all this maybe I can give you some pointers.
There are many tutorials on progress bar out there, I could probably find you a couple if you are struggling. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I have bind value for mt progress bar but the issue is when i construct the varrible in widget bar the value used is constant in my widget bar !
If you can find some tutorials for me i’m realy thankful to you!