personal account page on Epic Games is empty (Uncaught error)

This page is empty.

In the log:
Footer.js:63 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘moreLegalLinks’ of null
at t.render (Footer.js:63)

I need to change my data and the page doesn’t load.

Still Empty. Somebody out there?

You need to go to to edit your information.

Are now fixed, but seems like one can change to your selected language, the other can’t. Weird, there’s two accounts here…but are the same?.. confusing

its still bugged for me :confused:

still blank, not sure whats going on

is there a fix mines bugged

Still blank

Same here, wtf epic

I’m just trying to change my name and when I press the account button it says it’s loaded but it’s just a white screen I’ve had this for a whole month now epic fix this

Hey there folks - if you’re still having issues, please follow this link for instructions or use the “Contact us” button to submit a ticket.

It’s still glitched

its still bugged for me

this was bugged for me in the past and then it was fixed. However it’s now bugged again. Just a blank white screen when I try to view my profile. All I want to do is change my name!