Persona play animation changed?

When I right-clicked → Animations → play “animation name” in the previous build, persona played the animation and gave a result. When I now do the same steps, persona just adds the animgraphnode with the name of the animation but doesn’t play it and adds a result automatically. Has that procedure changed?

Hi Christian,

Which ‘previous build’ are you referring to? I have tested this behavior on Rocket Beta 3 and did not experience what you mention. In the AnimGraph, when I right-click and choose a “Play animation” option, the animation node is added and that is all.

I mean build 3, hm that’s weird. Also if I now try to copy the two nodes at the top I only get the one underneath and the result node doesn’t get a copy. Something must have changed on that front, right?


There can be only one Result node as far as i know so it’s normal.

Ok I got it. Sorry, it’s embarrassing. The result node was laid on the grid outside of frame and since there can only be one I couldn’t find it in the list of nodes to add. That was confusing, everything’s fine now. Thanks for the tips and effort guys!