Persona layout issue


I have been facing a minor bug with the animation sequence editor panel in the persona editor.
Every time I open an animation sequence or switch from one to another my animation sequence window appears on a its own tab blocking Viewport tab entirely. I can manually drag it out and re-adjust it to its original position but it always resets with the opening of another asset regardless if I saved the layout or not.

This is how I re-arrange it to look like every time (i believe default look is almost identical

It is not a critical bug, but quite an annoyance as every time I am previewing or tweaking animations I have to spend 10 seconds rearranging windows and layout for each individual asset.

The bug occurred after I closed animation sequence editor by mistake. I could not call it back as it is not in the window tab for some reason :frowning:


I tried to reset my layout, it did not helped. I went to my project files, as well as to my engine files and deteled the defaultEngine.ini and BaseEngine.ini files to see if it would restore to the default, unfortunately the bug stayed.
I also ran engine verification after doing that so it would restore it from the cloud, after no success I uninstalled ue4 entirely and had a fresh install. Only to see it there after waiting hours for the engine to install :smiley:

I know it is not intended to be there by default as on my other machine it appears correctly, only my current machine seems to be cursed or something.

If anyone knows how to fix this I would be super happy to hear about it!


Hi Slapunas,

I cannot get this to reproduce locally. Can you try to delete your saved/config folder inside your project?


Hi ,

I tried that as well, after I deleted BaseEngine.ini and DefaultEngine.ini files. Did not seemed to fix it.

I’m going to talk to an engineer about this, but I’d like to ensure that you’re getting these configs too: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\4.9\Saved\Config\Windows


And that just got it working for me, thanks a bunch. Verifying my client now , since deleting that folder screwed my mouse controls inside the engine, but hey persona layout is finally fixed , its worth it! :slight_smile: