Persona inspired Hack-n-Slash game

Project Hatter
Unknown Team [HR][/HR]
**Description: **Project Hatter is a hack-n-slash game similar to DMC or God-of-War. Project Hatter places you in the shoes of 4 friends who are recruited by a demon known as the Unknown Hatter. Each character gets an ability or weapon based on their life. As the characters kill their enemies, a bar fills up and once it is filled, when activated, the character the player is controlling will preform a special attack defeating a lot of enemies within an area around the player. After each Big Battle, each character will get exp. based on events during the battle.

Genre: Action Adventure

Audience**:** Teens to adults

Hardware: Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Team Members:
Jakob Peck(Leader)

  • Programmer
  • Project Manager

Anthony M.

  • Music Composer

Kevin T

  • Voice Actor

    Looking For:
    Programmers (2-4)

  • Able to code in C++ or use blueprints

  • Knows how to use UE4

Male Voice Actor(2)
-Voice multiple male voices
-provide a clean voice(no background sounds)

Female Voice Actress(2-3)
-Voice multiple female voices
-provide a clean voice(no background sounds)

2D Artist(2-3)
-Can either make concept art or animated cut scenes in 2D

3D Character Artist(1)
-Can create characters based on concept art or details
-Can fully rig 3D characters
-Uses any 3D modeling software

3D Environmental Artist(2)
-Can create environments for the game including background and play areas
-Uses any 3D modeling software

Sound Effects Artist(1)
-Can create clean sound effects for weapons, people, and environments

SFX Artist(1)

  • Can use UE4 to create special effects used in game for weapons or environment

-Can create from scratch or record animations for characters, enemies, or environmental changes.

Level Editor(1)
-Can take existing assets and put together clean, useable levels

Narrative Copywriter(1)
-Can create the narrative for the game
-Can create realistic dialogue between characters


Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: jakob.peck