Persistent PlayerName Through Map (Multiplayer)

Hi Guys,
I made a FPS with a Lobby for fun.

The Player Starts on a start map (where Everybody logs in).
On this Map, everybody gets a unique Name (in Editor, because I can’t get a steam ID to identify them. Pawn1, Pawn2 etc.)
After this, the player presses a Button to a Client side map.
And there he can host a game.

My Problem here is, that the Player name set on the start map get lost, over the map changing.
But I need it persistent, cause my save system looks for the player name and then loads the save game.

The Problem here is, that everybody has the same name after changing to the client side map, so my save system loads always just the first save.

I can’t use Game instance name to identify, because it’s always a new one, and I can’t identify them.

Where can I store the player name, so it always stays the same in the editor? Is there a solution?

Found a Solution!