Persistent Levels and Spawning at (0,0,0)

I have a Persistent Level with another Level streamed in later on.

Inside the streamed level i wanted to handle Gameplay Logic including the Character.

Now the problem is that the player’s pawn spawns at (0,0,0) and is clipping (luckily?) through the floor - otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Playing the Level alone works just fine.

Also, I am unable to get all PlayerStarts inside that GameplayLevel to figure out the closest one from GameMode or persistent level blueprint (or from any other Level appearently).

Basically I wanted to implement respawning at the closest player start location.

Is there a way to fix what I’m trying to do?
I thought about placing the playerstarts inside the persistent level instead of a sub-level, i guess that would fix it - but is there a more appropiate way of doing this? Like spawning an actor inside a specific sub-level (once loaded) and then go on from that actor?


Ok! Problem was fixed. I was asking for PlayerStarts before the level was shown. Binding to “OnLevelShown” solved my issue.