Persistent level dirty when loading sub level 4.7.2

Immediately after opening my project i RMB a sub-level in the Levels tab and “Make Current” this causes the persistent level as well as the now-current level to become dirty. This is different from the behavior in 4.6.1 where levels are not dirty unless a change is made.

Creation method:
These levels were created with “Import tiled landscape” which is also broken in 4.7.2 due to the “overlapping render component at location” error upon tiled import. to work around the import problem, the project was created, tiles imported and saved in 4.6.1, then opened in 4.7.2 and converted as a copy. Perhaps these two issues are related?

I feel that the dirty levels issue is a showstopper for svn or perforce collaboration, and the important foliage feature of temporal blending (AWESOME!) for LOD levels in 4.7.2 are absent from 4.6.1.

What’s to be done?

Hi sloppyjava,

Can you walk me through what steps you are taking to reproduce this error? I attempted loading a tiled landscape built in WM into the editor via 4.6.1, then converting the project using the “copy project” method, however when I loaded the levels nothing seemed to be broken.

the levels seem to load just fine, it’s that they are marked as needing to be saved as if changes have been made. both the persistent level as well as whatever level I make the current level

Double click to make current as the tool tip indicates has the same effect. If the project is under
source control, I’m prompted to check out, or when closing the project, save
changes when nothing has been changed, only loaded or made the current level. Unless there is an option I’m missing somewhere, this isn’t the intended
behavior, and is different from the (expected) behavior in 4.6.1

There are no error messages displayed.

Hi sloppyjava,

I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-11834 to be assessed by the development staff.

The entered issue UE-11834 claims unreproducible.

If console “grass.Enable 0” solves the problem, then you are dealing with this: