Persistent error after attempt of import


The 3D modeler tried to rename everything and it still occurs, any clues?

Bump after another day, really have to figure out this one :confused:

U say the error does not remain when U import into any modelling tool . I have never seen any error message like this before . I would like to help U but can U tell me please does it show any error in the modelling tool , any mutilation due to the bone wts…?


The 3D modeler was nice enough to start doing a new rig and .etc, if we have the same issue will post more details here. As far as I know he didn’t have any erros in Maya

In 3ds Max and I assume in Maya you can give unique objects the same name and for the most part UE4 will accept the naming for static models but for skeletal rigs even though using the same naming convention is acceptable each bone will need a unique name for each bone so that UE4 knows what bone the applied animation needs to be assigned.

For each instance of “transform3” you will need to rename them to a unique name like “transform4,transform4,ect”