Persistent data solutions

What kind of persistent data solutions are available in UE4 for multiplayer games?

I’m not talking about running an MMO with logins/accounts. More along the lines of the following scenario:

Player A has a X objects in inventory and is at X location.
Server goes down or player logs off.
When Player A comes back, the server creates an instance of him that has the same objects and places him in the same location he left (most likely by identifying the same Steam ID when he connects to the server)


One more shot at this- anyone working with storing and restoring data on a multiplayer server?

Use the user cloud storage features built into the OnlineSubsystem. The Steam version does a local save plus cloud sync. However, this information isn’t stored on the server’s behalf but upon the player’s behalf.

I’m not sure cloud storage is going to be fast enough to update inventories or positions, I also don’t like the idea of storing with the client.

Any other ideas?

This is not something that is as readily available as you might have wanted. If this is not a persistent game, you can easily write a file to disk containing information about the player or even using a flatfile database like SQLite.

If you want persistence then you will want to create a backend server that can game servers can connect to and update stats or inventories (or whatever else) in a centralised database of some kind. That’s the hard part, getting your game to upload stuff about a player at intervals and/or when they leave is the easy part.