perpetual actor spawn system

i have simple level with one AI character. I want to create system where when AI dies, new character of same class is spawned.
I have BP interface that sends messages from AI Character (on death) to Game Mode BP where Spawn Actor is triggered. And it works.
Problem is, newly spawned Character won’t trigger BPI message and therefore no new AI character is spawned.

Any idea why? Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, H.

Put up some pictures of your blueprints please otherwise it’s a bit hard to tell you whats going wrong.

Yeah, you’re right. Picture should provide clearer info.
With setup depicted below, after AI character already placed in level dies, new AI character will respawn. But afther that new one dies, no more respawns. No idea why.
Please help.
Thanks, H.

“Spawn Even If Colliding?” <—Try it with that on, see what happens?

Is the pawn destroyed before you do the BPI call?

Hi, thanks for looking at my problem.
i kinda screw up and didn’t post important part of my problem. Sorry about that.
To answer questions, no pawn is destroyed, that part is not even implemented yet. Spawn even if colliding makes no difference as that is not the problem.

Problem is with logic of the spawn system. On screensho below, you can see that just before sending message through BPI to game mode, there is ‘Do Once’ node. Otherwise, dead actor would be spawning new actors endlessly as is connected to Event Tick. That is probably core of the problem. At first, I thought that ‘Do Once’ is valid for every AI character using that BP, so theoreticaly, every actor should do it, Once. But newly spawned actor stops at that node. I have no idea how to reset it, or, if there is better method to implement solustion.