Perorce workflow - FMOD and Advanced Session Plugin - Problems

So we have been using P4v for awhile now and it is mostly working as intended. Today we had playtesting of out game and yesterday we realized we could not package the game.

  1. There where files in the plugin folder that UE could not touch(Advanced session) so the process failed.
  2. Those files where locked and needed to be reverted in order to get the process to work again.
  3. Then I got errors from missing files, and I found out that some of them where things that my brother had added recently(Skyboxes and stuff). Why hadn’t these files been synced?
  4. Since time was running low I told my brother to checkout the whole depot and try it package. It worked but there is still a lot of things that does not make sense. And issues keeps popping up.

I also found out that my brothers editor wasn’t set to “checkout on modify” so I am guessing that has been a source sync issues.
So here is our workflow up until now:

  1. At the start of working we log into the p4v client and “Get latest”.
  2. Then we jump into UE, work on things and at the end of the day we commit that work.

Since I had to solve all these issues I found the “Sync” command inside of UE and I have been started using that. That takes a long time to load and I am not really sure what it is doing compared to the “Get latest” command in P4V.

Could anyone tell me their step by step workflow? Can I add the “Plugins” folder to the p4vignore-file somehow without anything breaking?

Dealing with these issues really puts a damper on creativity and getting important work done.

Also I know that the build-file for FMOD is synced(? on the files inside UE) but the events inside are not… I don’t understand this.

It’s a bit too much to cover in a forum post. I recommend you read a book or watch a course: Perforce (Helix Core): A Full Step By Step Guide - Hands On! | Udemy
It’s important to understand the fundamentals of version control first.

Good luck!