Permanently Free Collections Missing/Unavailable

As stated in the topic, assets that were acquired from the “Permanently Free Collections” are unavailable in the launcher. Navigating to the product page in the Marketplace tab shows unavailable. The content is missing from my library.

Update: It appears that more and more items are being removed from my vault and/or unavailable; including what appears to be paid-for content as well.

I have had the same problem since I have more than 1000 assets …
Contact Epic Marketplace support and if you have the same problem you will have to create a new user to move some assets.
It sucks I know but they haven’t found a solution yet.

I don’t get how they can’t find a solution. They are using a database for managing customers accounts, aren’t they? SQL or NoSQL it can’t be so difficult to just increase the number of bought assets linked to a customer account. Unless their database E-R Diagram was so badly designed in the first place that the whole code would need a major redesign… Still they could simply add a new Entity so tables to store more primary keys for the assets bought by a customer and fix it that way quickly.

Don’t know if this helps but this was how I was able to get my library back up and working by:

  1. Clicking Troubleshooting in the Epic Launcher (everything was fine, so not sure this actually did anything)
  2. Force Quit (using Windows Task Manager) the Epic Launcher
  3. Relaunched

After about 10s of the Launcher sitting at the loading screen, it finally loaded and my library started reappearing in batches/chunks.

My gut feeling is this was a lucky fix since I don’t believe I actually triggered any sort of database compare/repair. Force Quitting may have been the only thing that triggered the launcher to check itself.