Permanent scale of SkeletalMesh within UE4

I know it’s possible to permanently scale StaticMesh using LOD build settings but can something similar be done with SkeletalMesh within UE4 itself?

Use case: my imported skeletalmesh is tiny within UE4. And yes I have tried changing scale of my model within 3DSMax by changing coordinate system to cm but then APEX clothing is acting all weird…and yes APEX clothing was redone using scaled-up version of mesh

Is this more of a feature request?

Cheers ! I thought that would be case. APEX clothing gets messed up after model is scaled up, clothing redone for new scaled up model and imported into UE4. It blows up and stops working lol (by blow up I mean clothing is way too large and doesn’t move at all.

Hey Moireibh,

It is not possible to scale a SkeletalMesh in UE4. As you’ve seen in 3DSMax, scaling skeletal mesh affects every other system attached to it; bones, animations, clothing, etc. You can certainly make a feature request (we put those in Everything Else section), but it is unlikely this will be implemented because of effects on other systems.

You will need to have model scaled in Max first before setting up your APEX clothing. You mentioned redoing clothing after scaling up and still having issues: are these issues occurring on import or inside Max?

When you say clothing is redone, do you mean that you are scaling clothing up to match scaled mesh, or that you are starting from scratch with scaled mesh? It sounds like your clothing is still referencing original sized mesh.

, you saved me hours of pain and suffering! It was indeed referencing old mesh but for some reason scaling it up even more…

For anyone who comes across this problem, I’ve figured out following solution:

  1. Group bones/mesh in Max
  2. Scale group to whatever size
  3. Ungroup and ensure everything is at [0,0,0]
  4. Create clothing assets
  5. Regroup and export

I’m definitely not a 3D artist so do this at your own risk but so far everything is working perfectly :slight_smile: