Permanent bone manipulation

Hi guys,

I recently acquired movement animiset pro, I have set up my root motion controller and imported my character, retargeted all the animations and it’s all working nicely, except that my character has slightly different proportions, so his shoulders are just a bit elevated. I am able to quickly resolve this is bone manipulation mode in Persona, all the animations fit nicely. However Bone manipulation mode is only temporary, I was wondering whether its possible to permanently apply any changes within persona, or whether I will have to edit the skeleton within 3DSMax?

I have Imported my idle animation into 3DSMax and edited the skeleton so it looks correct, however, when I export the character again (without animation to get new T-pose) and import it into unreal, it appears the same. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, animation is not my strong point. So any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


If you need something which will affect the bone position use the Transform Bone node in your AnimBlueprint, it allows you to move/rotate/scale the joint as you please and, as long as everything is set on the proper joint, you’re able to manipulate what you need.

Anyway I strongly suggest you to update the joints position in 3ds or whatever, since the transform bone node is not the best solution for a permanent fix and could cause some issues later in development :wink:

If you are working under 3DSMax, be sure you turn off autokey options, as leaving that option on will move the joints only on the selected frame.
Or do it in graph editor.

Perhaps you knew this, but it’s worth mentioning. Also, a mistake that has happened to me when importing to max - make sure the scene is in 30FPS.