Periphrials disconnecting when ue5 is open

I have a weird issue where when UE is open my periphials connect and disconnect, I have a X570 mobo that has not had the firmware upgraded. I had issue with the same in other apps until I seperated the keyboard mouse to different usb channels. sorry no sleep, I meant to add, but now its only when UE is open…


Did you ever find a solution to this? This issue just started happening with my keyboard out of nowhere. No clue why it happens but its only while ue5 is running.

No, i think in my case it stems from the azrock motherboard firmware not being upgraded, still havent done it so i am unsure.

Ok, well I have done the mobo firmware update, same problem. In UE or in a UE based game I am having this issue. I have redone windows all the drivers for Tuf gaming x570 board, Im at my wits end with this issue… just random .5 second disconnect… I just want to know is this windows? UE? No idea how to go about troubleshooting the usb bus or logging the data to even look at what might be going on…

Well ********** made a thumbdrive to reinstall windows thinking It was the version I was on not the 22H2 that I had previously updated to and had to roll back because of crashes… Im done, UE ill see you in 6 months when everyone has their stuff working together without system crippling bugs

Fix for me was located in update to 2022 VS, installed all .net framework sdk’s, been going ok since. Not sure why. On the crashes, the USB is still a thing, ill buy better cables and try that… cheap 12’ extenders are on here atm.

I assume no fixes yet? This has been happening to me very often.

I haven’t had the issues in a while, reordered my setup so i dont need extenders, I think it was mostly related to my board USB bus, X570’s has issues with usb’s that took them over 2 years to “solve”.

I’m also having constant instability, freezing, and USB disconnect issues with UE. It’s infuriating. I’ve updated drivers, firmware, bios, etc. All the usual suspects. I also have an x570 and also have to use a KVM (for WFH personal / work PC)

Just remembered,

I found that if i placed my keyboard on one usb segment and my mouse on the other segment it stopped the intermittent disconnects. If they were beside each other the problem still occurred (this was after removing extension cables)