Periods Validity of the Certification Chain Error while Meshing

Dear all,

I have a huge project of about 4000 pictures.

When I try to mesh the cloud point in normal details I get the error (I try to translate from Italian):

“The periods of validity of the certification chain don’t insert correctly”

I cannot understand why. Can someone please help me?


Kind Regards,

Matteo Collina

This is a bug we are currently working on:


Here are 6 possible fixes how some of users fixed the problem (the same workaround doesn’t work for everybody)



Uninstall the older version of RealityCapture, and make sure that everything connected to that version is being removed. Those files from the previous versions 

Although I had uninstalled the older version of RC it seems like my PC still kept some old stuff and just installed the new version into that folder. Those files from the older versions seem to mess with the timestamps.

Delete everything you can find from Epic Games and older RC-versions and re-install it again.



Remove the device from the Domain Controller and uninstall it and remove it from the registry, after new installation and online activation it may work.

The time may be a problem because it can be managed by the organization and I can be different from the official time in 1 sec approx.



Make it like a clean install (hold CTRL + Shift and run RC, then choose Make it like a clean install) and use Offline activation.



Check if RCNode.exe is blocked by system firewall. Then go to RC install folder and start RCNode - Windows show firewall notification and accept it for all networks. Additionally you can start RC as admin and in general settings do license change -> application owner resign in, also charge for offline use sign in again.



This issue might be connected to some really old files located in the C:\Program Files\Capturing Reality

Please try to uninstall RealityCapture then head to C:\Program Files\Capturing Reality and delete everything you will find about RealityCapture also in ProgramData, AppData, and Windows registry. Then restart your PC and try to install RealityCapture again and run the same test.



Rebooting (and allowing Windows to apply an update) cleared this in my case.


These are some of the fixes which were reported by our users, and they helped them. Please try them out and come back to me.

Thank you very much for the fast support,

I have in the order done the FIX 5 without delete ProgramData,AppData and Windows registry, launched RCNode manually and disabled the firewall (the PC is in a supersafe network so it shouldn’t be a problem).

Right now it is working for two hours. Typically it failed before so looks like I fixed it.

I’ll let you know as soon as it finishes the meshing process.

Thanks again.