Performant rendering of translucent "cells"?

Hey all,

Just upgraded to 4.22 and of course my code now runs like a dog. Some of the debug scene proxy I was using to render my influence map has obviously been gimped in the latest version. So my question is:

What’s the preferred interface to use for an actor to draw (optionally) translucent cells (quads basically) with a transparent colour overlay sort of view? This is dynamically updated content, but I would prefer it if the performance of the render wasn’t a huge factor as this might have to cover significant sizes.



Did you test right after building in the new version? Because shaders may have been recompiling. Takes like ~15 minutes even on good hardware depending on project size …

Yeah, this was after shader compiles were finished. Apparently something has changed in the render pipeline that’s screwing with me. I’ll figure it out eventually, just a bit frustrated.