Performance, what happened?

I had the pleasure to participate in UE4 beta in 2013 near christmas time (still got my christmas card :smiley: ), although very briefly. Why? Back then UE4 would melt my laptop.

Wish I was kidding.

The majority of my feedback was due to performance issues on my mid-range laptop, that wasn’t close to being productive with this tool, but would run without hassle any single other one.
Back then, idle or not, the editor would have my i5 to >90% usage nonstop, high memory usage with severe memory leaks, add visual studio + build process to the equation and you got a development train wreck. Some updates later it cooled down a little (to ~80%), memory leaks was reduced but, just wasn’t there for me.

Got back to it now sort of one year later and I’m really pleased with the improvements the team made, editor is idling at 3% until it reaches 0%, on focus + activity goes up to 25-30% at most, memory usage is extremely low in comparison and no idle memory leaks. Now, this is some jet fuel rocket material! wink

Thanks Epic!


It’s good that you are enjoying UE4, but perhaps this post is better suited in the “Feedback for Epic” sub-forum.

the beta was so long ago(still got my card too:)), you’ll be needing a beta badge like mine(if you can see it, fighter jinxed me so all I can see now is a bad image symbol:()


Figured this wasn’t “improve UE4” material. Some mod will eventually move it then.

ahah it’s there yes! Ok then, where do I sign? On that note, the beta accounts were deleted right? Don’t actually recall how the accounts process but, I used to login with a (different) username.

I suppose a thank you for improving performance of the editor does qualify as feedback for epic so I am going to move it:)

no signing necessary, if you were in the beta you should have a badge.

nope, they weren’t deleted, the old forum was part of epic games forums with the UDK/gears of war forum…ect, this is the new unreal engine forum just for UE4 stuff although they did use a theme that look’s almost exactly the same as the old one.

Hey vvolkgang,

Send me a PM with your original username and I can help get that beta badge set up for you. Happy to have you back in the community!

Yep, now I remember, it was a sub forum. Thanks!