Performance stats

Hello, Im moving from Unity3D engine, and I would like to ask you if there is something like performance stats in UE4 like in Unity3D (I would like to see VRAM allocation, FPS, render thread, how many verts are in scene, etc…):

Thank you

Hi t0msk, welcome to Unreal Engine! :wink:

Yes, of course there is: CPU Profiling | Unreal Engine Documentation

And for GPU: GPU Profiling | Unreal Engine Documentation

There is also an option to get memory statistics: Stat Commands | Unreal Engine Documentation

Press “~” key to open the console for running console commands (you may need to rebind the hotkey on German keyboards for example.)

I didn’t find anything about VRAM allocations. But if you mean the VRAM size of the screen, that’s widthheight4*4 bytes, if that is really important to you :wink:

I hope I was able to help!

Thank you :slight_smile: