Performance Question

Hi, pls check the Video. When i click on the map to change height, for 10 seconds happens nothing. I only click one time im not holding button.

i converted from 4.27.2 to ue5

Whats the problem? Gfxcard? Ram? Cpu?

Plus i hope u deliver a downgrading option form ue5 back to 4.27.2

Ryzen 3600
32GB 3600mhz
2070 Super

UE5 has some issues. You unfortunately may want to covert it back if possible. Then in a few months try again.

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Yo gime a fkin answer im working 2 years on the project now i cant do anything ue team.

Next time u release smth put a note at installer that the program is literally trash and its by far not recommended to use it.

Pumpin until the end

Pumpin until the end

Pumpin until the end

Good work Igortastic.
I will add in.

UE5 is showing performance issues with UI as far as materials responding to value changes you make, especially scalar parameters. If you adjust a material, say in a Material Instance, you sometimes get no response, so you think that there is a BP coding issue, but then you move around the UI and then the change kicks in later. This is very problematic to work through.

Also, sliders for scalar parameters, when they do work more immediately, are sluggish. The change is not visible in realtime like it was in say 4.26, 4.27. So you have to wait until it lags a few seconds, and then it resolves the change you made and shows the result.