Performance Profiling, eglSwapBuffers sometimes take to long

I have some strange performance problems while porting game from PC to mobile. Got 2 maps, testing them on Samsung S8 (Exynos 8895 + Mali-G71 MP20) and Razer Phone (Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 + Adreno 540). On Samsung map1 and map2 give comparable results. On Razer map1 work fine, but map2 works 2.5-3 times slower then map1. I started to profile performance and by now found one strange pattern. “eglSwapBuffers” stat takes less then 1 ms on Samsung and on Razer+map1, but on Razer+map2 it takes ~70 ms. Tried to debug with Android Studio but did not found anything unusual in function responsible for this stat. Can anyone tell what can cause behaviour like this and what I can do about it?
Some pics: