Performance problems within using standart tools

Hi everyone

I create a building using the primitives, but when it became huge, every time i move some of these boxes, it takes 10-20 seconds to think and blocks completely, what doesn’t happen with the imported meshes

Did someone know what could it be? I’ve deleted any sourse of light and work in unlit graphic mode, but i really don’t figured out


Its normal, I’m running an core I7 and 24g of ram n such, i have that same behavior. You just need to start converting your brushes to a mesh before you get too backed up.

The official documentation basically recommends limiting your use of the brushes for performance reasons. A static mesh is more efficient.

I experienced the same behaviour. I was doing level blockouts with BSP brushes and got up to 700 of them in a scene - which kills performance. I would recommend that you convert finished parts of your design to static meshes, which don’t have this performance penalty.