Performance problem


There are 2 problems with Fixed Frame Rate.

1) *Not *using Fixed Frame Rate caps the FPS to 120. Why is it fixed at 120 and how do we unlock it? currently as you see it’s 120 FPS and 8.33 ms
2. Using Fixed Frame Rate option gives much more FPS and scene ms is much less. Currently 187 FPS and 5.35 ms. Why it costs 3 more ms if we don’t have the Fixed Frame Rate checked in?

Last but not least, when Fixed Frame Rate is checked camera movement becomes very weird. When you are moving to a direction using WASD and then stop pressing any buttons the camera stops meters away from the point you released the movement key which is really annoying. Also character movement becomes like Slow Motion (Adding the Third Person BP to project and walking around shows that).

These issues have been there for a long time in many UE4 versions.

console -> t.maxfps 5000

The editor won’t go higher than 120 FPS unless you change it through the console.

There’s no point in having a higher framerate than that anyway, it’s best to lock it to the max refresh rate of your monitor. The other issue I think is the WASD navigation has an inertia feature

Why having fixed frame rate decrease 8.33 ms to 5.35 ms? why it’s not 5.35 ms without fixed frame rate?

The first one is a lower framerate at 120fps 1000/120 = 8.33ms
The second one is a higher framerate at 187fps 1000/187 = 5.35ms
Looks like without the fixed framerate it sets the max to 120fps and with a fixed framerate you can set it higher.

The way I’d handle it if you were thinking of your game settings—have fixed framerate options like 30fps, 60fps, 120fps, and then if they want an unlocked framerate then you would still set a fixed framerate just set it much higher like 500fps.

Like I said, it doesn’t help you to have a framerate higher than your monitor refresh rate, you won’t see any improvement and it can cause hickups if it has to suddenly drop the framerate and it didn’t have the resources free.