Performance problem

i want to create a map with foliage taken from open world collection. I have put into a landscape ( size: 63x63 quads,1x1 section, 8x8 number of component, 505x505 overall resolution ) 59.4K of FieldGrass taken from open world collection. The result is very beautifull for me, but i have a performance problem ( my fps is 14 ). How can I resolve this problem? Are there best practice for create foliage and increment performance?

Thanks in advance.

-add hills and other stuff that blocks the view of the player
-decrease the culling distance
-use low poly meshes -> the ones from the open world collection are pretty high poly
-use non-complex materials
-what are your pc specs? :slight_smile:

Do not use the kite demo assets. They are most likely not fit for game use and will not run on hardware that you and I have at home.

Assets that are goof for large amounts of painted instances should not exceed 50k or 100k of UE4 resource size, depending on your hardware.
Setting a max culling distance and switching off dynamic shadows are the other things to do.
But most likely it is just the asset itself, which was created to run on very high performance hardware, not home hardware.
A screenshot would be nice.

Kite Demo assets are very high resolution.
But, you might be able to use them if you set the first or second LoD as your BaseLoD. It should cut your triangle count by half. Also try exporting the demo textures, lowering their resolution(I’ve seen some rocks use 8k textures) and reimport them.
Last but not least try to optimize the materials a bit, see what is needed and what not.

thanks to all. My pc specs are: Intel® Core™ i7 4500U Processor, 8gb ram, ssd 256gb, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 820M with 2GB DDR3.

Those specs aren’t really great for running UE4, which might explain the low FPS.

The bottleneck here is definitely the GPU. The demo levels are usually designed to show off the latest technology running on top-end hardware.
Your gpu is a low-end mobile gpu.

OK… for test i have try to load a new level with default map… Map have only a plane without texture and my character in third person… my fps are 20 - 24… is this a problem of my pc?

Are you on max graphics settings?

yes, i have max graphics settings

You play on max settings, with editor still open (realtime active), using a mobile 820 GFX card and get so many FPS, you are lucky one.
The 820 m is the same like a 720 or even a 620, when it comes to gaming, or using UE4 for dev.
It is one of the cheaper cards, so far i know and the cardknowhow is outdated, perhaps since two years.

ok, but i have a question now… if i create a package for windows device, which is the target hardware must have the PC in order to play with many fps ?

That’s a very difficult question -> the easiest way is to just test it on different PC specs.
The problem with your setup is that you use a gpu for mobile PC’s -> so I think with a e.g gtx 660 ti you can surely run your level with more fps :slight_smile:

Ok thanks all for the help. With this hardware I can try to create a game for mobile device just to learn using ue4, but I have a last question: is there a place where I can take models and materials compatible with mobile device? With model i mean for example foliage, grass, tree ecc… just for create one scenary… Thanks all

Unfortunately I think there is no place for that (just tappy chicken was especially made for mobile devices) -> just download ordinary content and modify it so that it’s compatible with mobile devices :slight_smile:

Thanks fighter5347. I have another question: how can I set second LoD as my BaseLoD of a model 3d? Thanks for all.

Play around with the lod distance settings -> I think there is no other way how you can permanently set the lod