Performance on 4.11.0

Hi friends. I update Unreal to 4.11.0 and build my 4.10.4 project for android (package > android all) and get huge drop of performance (all screens from mobile device - Tegra Note 7).
I can accept that I must to fix something (shader of blueprint) but this kind of drop I get in almost blank scene!

Any advice?

Sorry for bad English!

Is there some news about your performance issue?

I rebuild full project from scratch on 4.11.1
Fps is fine but still lower than on 4.10.4

Care to report this issue on AnswerHub ? It doesn’t look like Epic devs have time to scroll through threads on the forums.

Already, but no good.
After I rebuild project from scratch on 4.11.1 - I notice that “Draw time” (console > stat unit) is bigger than 4.10.4 (23 vs 10). So I better stay on old version :slight_smile:
Maybe Epic fix it in future (I understand that mobile games is not the first in row)

What’s the link to your answerhub post? (I’ll up vote it as it’s important for me too)

Lol, did you even read what Epic posted? They asked you specific questions and you didn’t answer. They closed your bug report due to lack of interest from your end.

Yes, but they posted much later.
As I speak earlier - I just rebuild my project, get ~30-50 FPS and that’s it, I can continue develop my mobile game. That’s why I stop monitoring answerhub.

So basically 4.11.1 performance on mobile is good?

I try to explain on sample.
You have nVidia GeForce GTX 980 onboard of your PC. You run some “the Game” ver.1.0 on 60 FPS. Later “the Game” ver.2.0 comes out, you run it and have only 30 FPS (in average). 30 is still good, but you think something isn’t right - graphics, gameplay ets. with no change, but why such drop down? That’s exactly is a problem 60 fps should be on both versions.

So issue is still here. Concret - “drawtime” is hight for no visible reason.

Answer for your question is: “yes, if you use newest mobile chips - their high performance can smooth this bug”.

Alright, so sounds like the issue is there. Why don’t you report it to the same AnswerHub post you made a while a go. Answer Epic’s questions and see if they ask for more. Epic works on Paragon and stretched thin between that, engine dev, VR dev and support. So it takes time to get things done, and if you are persistent enough and provide them with what they ask you to provide, then they will fix it. It takes time, but it has worked for me.

I will, just want to do new screens for better understanding my bad English :slight_smile:

If you are using new Instanced Static Meshes (new in 4.11 for many mobile devices) performance will be significantly increased :slight_smile: In my game I have many same meshes and performance increased about 20 FPS! <3 <3 <3

How do you create instanced meshes?

Adding InstancedStaticMeshComponent to the Actor :slight_smile:

Wow! I get 40-50 Fps :slight_smile: Thank you.

Super awesome! It’s my pleasure! :smiley: :cool:

Did you know where I can read about more new mobile changes in UE 4.11 like this one?

In official release notes: Unreal Engine 4.11 Release Notes | Unreal Engine Documentation