Performance of StaticMesh vs StaticMeshActor

Hi. I’m seeing a weird performance issue.
I created a simple project from the template. I added a blueprint with Actor as a parent and simply added a StaticMesh component to it with 1M Cube as a mesh. Upon Begin Play I then generate 400 objects of this class. Now as soon as those objects get in the view frustum I see a huge drop in performance, running at like few FPS.

I then modify the blueprint and reparent it to StaticMeshActor (use the same 1M Cube) and remove my original StaticMesh. Now everything runs smoothly and with high FPS.

Is this a known issue about Actors with StaticMeshes or I need to check my Project settings or something?

P.S. Not sure if it is relevant, but this is on Oculus Quest. I haven’t tried in non-VR project, I’m thinking beefier GPU on PC may make it less noticeable.

It’s probably something else being the matter.
For example, is the Actor you added the component to, or the component itself, marked as Static, or Movable?


If you are worried about performance, then just use istancing.

Good call! Thank you, that was it. Changing the StaticMesh from its default Movable to Static fixed the issue!

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