Performance of C++ Functions Used in Blueprint

I didn’t really know if I should put this in C++ or Blueprint section, but I eventually decided it would fit best here. I consider myself somewhere between a Beginner and an Intermediate in programming and was just pondering this.

My question is how exactly performance is impacted when using a C++ function in the Blueprint node form. I once read somewhere here that Blueprints can run up to 10 times slower than C++ code. I’m wondering if this means things like making actual calculations using Blueprint or whenever you use a C++ function in the Blueprint node form. I’m wondering this because I really enjoy using Blueprints and really want to only use C++ for making complex calculations and the like.

You will likely not see any difference between using Blueprints or scripting your project unless you are going to pull some complex mathematics consistently in your project. You are talking a difference in milliseconds to seconds for very complex code.

Use what you enjoy, or do both at the same time if you wish.

When in doubt, measure.