Performance/number of triggers?


In using a map should a high number of triggers say 50 have an adverse effect on the overall performance?

I’ve used this many before on an older version of UDK with no real issues, but having upgraded to a later version I’m having some issues as it can get quite jerky to play.

Each trigger writes to the log file when triggered and monitors the players advancement within the game.
Any ideas?

50 is not a high number and as each is only triggered as the player touches it,it should not affect performance.

on 1 of the older versions I tested there was 1 or 2 triggers that sent multiple messages to the log,but even this did not slow it would need for the trigger to be sending quite large amounts to the log for it to slow it down.

is the log file receiving large amounts of data from any particular trigger?you could set the triggers to activate only once,but I really don’t think this is the problem.

does the stutter happen when the player is at the trigger location?

I’m not actually sure, I think it’s periodically, so could be a graphics issue, my PC is a bit of a nightmare as it’s got an old Gfx card.

All the triggers send a single line of txt to the log.

Cheers for that , definitely food for thought.