Performance mmo game

I would like to create a mobile mmo game app. Since it is supposed to contain a lot of characters, how many polies can maximum have each character in order to have enough good performances?

Thanks all

Depends on devices you are targeting. If High End devices you can go up to 10k per character, but if you’re making MMO try lowering it to like 2-5k. I know that Gameloft uses 5k characters for their DH5 game and they look pretty neat.
The triangle count hasn’t got much of an impact here, shaders have and amount of skeletal meshes which I discovered lately. Modular characters that are made of 6 meshes (total of 4k poly for whole character) has quite a big impact of performance on a quite high end device (Xperia Z1), so you gotta do some testing with simple AI.

I’m trying to create an open world game for Android devices, so, we can exchange some data.

How good you are with UE4 and stuff, you can PM and we can discuss details there.

thanks for your answer!
I have tried to insert 25 blueprint characters in my scene with 5k poly each. Without characters my fps are 35-40. With characters my fps decrease to 20-30. I have also tried to insert in my scene only skeletal meshes, without logic blueprint which allows them to move in the map thanks to behavior tree, and my fps have returned to 35-40… i think that the problem is logic blueprint… do you think that c++ logic may help me to solve the problem?

thanks in advance.

Yep, definitely C++ is faster than Blueprints. Although there are some strategies in Blueprints that can help with performance. I don’t know the details, just heard, so you gotta look it up for yourself