Performance lost

When i work with UE4 i have always ~120 fps. I close the prorgamm and start a game or something else i have huuuge performance lost
UT4 Before: ~80 fps and after 10-15 fps
Counterstrike before: ~140fps after 20-40 fps

but still UE4 runs okay

it feels like some buffer is full… or some process of ue4 still running but i cant find it. :frowning:

graficscard: Nvidia Geforce 650TI BOOST if you need something else ask me

no it isnt, no swarm thing, no epic games launcher and no unreal engine 4. thanks anyways

Do you maybe still running laucher in background?

Hi Scorpion703,

Can you duplicate the problem, then open the Windows Task Manager and get see if any instances or anything UE4 related is still running in the Processes tab? Sort by Memory may help.

Also look under the Performance tab and see how much CPU Usage and Memory is being utilized. Feel free to post some screenshots.

Okay i send u some pictures after i worked with UE4. I done some little terrain stuff. Than closing everything and starting counterstrike.


than in counterstrike my FPS and nvidia applet where i saw the GPU goes up to 99% what never happened while i was player counterstrike.



If you need more information tell me, i will post everything u need to fix this problem.

…and here a screenshot while i am playing. - CPU bored -

I hope, u can work with that.

Hey Scorpion703,

Just letting you know, I’m still looking into this. I hope to post some more info as soon as possible.

I spoke with our Compat expert on this and he looked through the screenshots you posted. It basically it boils down to RAM and how Windows manages it.

If you start to run out of RAM,
Windows will prioritize the highest
usage processes and move other
processes into Virtual Memory (your
hard drive). This can include windows
processes. VM is really slow compared
to RAM.

It will move all these processes back
to RAM after closing the high usage
process, but it’s not always a quick
process. You can either wait for this
process to finish or restart your PC.
The ultimate solution for this is
simply add more RAM, especially since
you are at the low end of our RAM
specs and RAM requirements are truly
dependent on the project you’re
working on.