Performance issues

I have a fairly powerful computer (Intel i5-4570, Nvidia GTX750TI, 8gb Ram etc) but I am experiencing performance issues. This can happen whenever I edit terrain, paint textures or do some other things too. The issue is that the whole program seems to lag badly particularly when editing large areas. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this issue??


dont edit large areas lol

This is fairly common and those specs are not that powerfull when it comes to Unreal engine (it takes alot)

A problem most people do is use a big size brush, my suggestion to you is build something then go into editor play and see how big it actually is, its so easy to lose track of the scale inside the editor so keep reminding your self as when your brush size lags your editing a very very large area

totally agree when i first started i thought 8gb ram would be sufficient, how quickly i learned that it was not, using a 3k brush would cause insane lag, now im using like 500-1k brush max for placing foliages, terrain editing can be bigger sizes as i now have 16gb of ram which is a massive help!! just turn the brush sizes down until you get a smooth process, this will be like your limit, finding the “sweet spot” is a good idea then generally this brush is still to large for placing foliage as this should be done with precision (as much as possible) to get the map looking the way you intend it to be…