Performance Issues with AAB in Comparison to APK File

Hello Guys,
I`ve notice there is quite a big Performance Issues in my Android game with AAB file in Comparison to APK file, anyone having same issue or its just me?

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I am working with Wwise and specific sound objects are missing from the soundbank after uploading my .aab to Google Play.

What issues is it giving you, and have you found any fixes?

I didn’t find a solution yet, I sent an email to Google Play Center to let me upload an APK file instead of an AAB file…
My problem is performance issue, When I’m uploading the AAB file its like my game run on 15 FPS (very laggy movement and teleporting feeling).
When I`m installing the APK file on my phone everything works smooth and fine like it should…
very disappointed that Google play force us to use this lame AAB file. :confused:

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Sorry to hear that.
I am doing a LOT of testing with packaging right now. I think the .AABs are meant to optimize the apps but wind up breaking them or leaving important things out so perhaps with the proper packaging settings we can force them to cooperate.

I will let you know if I find success, although I really hope someone comes to save us from this nightmare!

I`ll let you know as well if I find something also waiting for google play console respond,
99% sure they wont be much of an helping hand but worth a shot.

I felt I should update you on my process since my issue is so close to yours.
The AAB that I uploaded to google then downloaded to find it broken, well I got the file and unpacked it manually. All the files were present. Then I signed the apk that was inside and send it to my phone directly and it worked perfectly.

At least for my project I have almost confirmed the google console upload is breaking the AABs and It sounds like that is what is to blame for your issue as well.

Thanks for the update,
Sadly I didn’t find a solution for the AAB problem I`m working to get a solution from Google play support team.

Yeah Google didn’t help me out on this case, They wouldn’t allow to upload an APK file instead of the AAB file.
didn’t find another solution for this.
Any information about fixing the AAB Performance issue is welcome thanks in advance.

I fixed my issue, the fix may help you too.

The unreal packaged .aab is garbage, you need to package it a second time…

more specifically:

  1. Download android studio 4.0
  2. Build your .aab like normal with unreal, just like you did with your broken app store build.
  3. Instead of submitting that .aab you will open android studio, then use the open file function to open your project/intermidiate/android/gradle
  4. wait a little bit until you are sure it is loaded.
  5. Create a seperate project with this synced gradle.
  6. Now sign and build your .aab this is the .aab you will want to submit.

This worked for my missing files, I hope it works for you too.
Let me know if you need clarification on the steps.