Performance issue

why does unreal run so slow on my pc.

with static lightmap

with stationary lightmap

with movable lighting

compared to unity realtime shadows and realtime gi

Unfortunately UE4 has quite a big Overhead by default, I’m really looking forward to further Improvements for performance. However it seems your major Problem there is a low end Computer which would still be an Issue if UE4 performed as Unity. On my personal testings I managed to achieve about 600 FPs with similar Scenes in UE4 and 3000 FPS with Unity.

Quick tip:
open the console (i.e. with ^) and enter “profilegpu” then you see where you loose the performance.

Apart from that, UE4 has many more postprocessing and rendering settings for graphic fidelity on per default than in unity. Have a look at Project Settings -> Rendering and disable some of the settings.
Also, make a global postprocess volume where you disable most of the postprocessing effects, since they are quite costly.

And really, if you get a frame time > 24 ms with a static light and these simple meshes, something is really fishy. On default settings with a “far more complex scene” (meaning, i got around 30 meshes) and 3 dynamic lights i still get around 15ms frame time with an old R9 270…

the postprocesing are all disabled.
i know i have a low end pc and the raltime gi and shadows are just to show thet on unity runs better.
i want to make a project with static lightmap but when i go in closed places some times i get 24fps and his is a problem.
in unity i get 120fps with lightmaps why cant unreal focus a bit more on low end.

Nothing’s changed, you still have low-end hardware