Performance is Awful in Windows 10

Performance in the initial world menu is great, moving the camera around is super smooth. When I open the static mesh editor or blueprint editor, it pops up another window, and performance is bad in its viewport. If I drag the tab and merge it to the first window, such that it is one window with multiple tabs, performance is good. UMG editor and event / function tabs of blueprint are unusable in separate windows, bad performance as tabs.

CPU usage is only about 12%, memory usage is only around 10%. There are no windows messages / notifications. This is a new install of Windows 10 on a new pc build. Using an i7 6700k over clocked to 4.5 ghz, gtx 980 ti, 32 gb of ddr4. Tried several graphics drivers with no difference. Currently using Geforce 358.78.

Performance is so bad it is really hurting my productivity.

Any help / tips is much appreciated.

I’m not seeing what you’re describing. What version of Windows 10 are you using?

Also, when I did my Win10 install on both my desktop and my surface, performance was utter horrid for the first couple of days. After researching, it seems like it is due to Cortana basically indexing everything it can. You mentioned this was a clean install, so I suspect it’s this. Depending on your machine, give it a day - a week, and if performance has gone back to normal (pre-update), then there might be an issue with something.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home, USB flash drive version.

Its been nearly a week now, so I will post an update in another week or so. It just seems so weird that it depends on the window and tab configurations. Equally weird that its not eating up the cpu or memory.

I can’t speak for Home edition, but yes, I had the same “WTF?” issues when looking at the task manager performance settings.

As a example i even cannot tolerate any full windows and i always use lite turbocharged versions, i tried w10 but returned to my w8.1 lite because no w10 lite available yet. Without remastering all Windows versions are much slower and full of bloat.

Well, my performance troubles are exclusively with UE4. Everything else runs super fast with no issues. Even running things like the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Dolphin don’t give me any trouble.

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You mentioned you did a clean install so other than the indexing issue mentioned above I’m not sure either what could be causing that but I will mention something for others that may come across this post:

If you have done an in-place upgrade from a previous version of windows to windows 10 you are not going to get the full performance of windows 10 until you do a clean install after the in-place upgrade. This is because of how windows handles the in-place upgrade and the roll-back files. Long story short, it causes file permission issues where essentially the previous file permissions are fighting with the new file permissions. A clean install after this repairs that.

As for BlackRanger666, I’d suggest turning off indexing for your UE4 directory to see if that is the culprit if you haven’t already. I would have suggested adjusting the systems visual effects for the UI as well but, well, your system should be able to handle petty stuff like that no problem on that hardware. Hopefully disabling indexing of your UE4 directory helps because I can’t think of any other reasonable reason as to why it would be happening in your scenario.

My unreal projects are already in a non-indexed folder. I just did another test, using task manager to kill anything that it would let me, and I still don’t see an increase in performance when mousing the ui.