Performance Comparison With Multicast Events vs Binding in UMG

Hey everyone.

I wonder if anyone has experience or can point me in the direction of what to use in terms or performance cost.

Building a multiplayer survival game in C++ / BP and using a HUD which will have a few details on screen at all time including a hot bar which will have a highlighted block depending on which one the player has selected.

I’ve set this up so that when the hot bar selection value is changed, a multicast dynamic event is broadcast which the HUD widget is listening for. I’m also planning on adding other things on the HUD like player health, stamina etc. so it could be that there’s a number of things the widget is listening for.

In the past, I’ve used bindings for things, calling a getter in the C++ file but I’ve read this isn’t very performance friendly.

Are multicast events any more efficient than this or is there something else I should be doing?