Performance and bug, menus.

I was creating menus for my games and I needed to know if the method I use is a good one. I am basically using the UE4 manual “UI designer quick start guide”.

I need the game to boot on two screens of legal mentions => Introduction video => Title screen (press start) => Main Menu and then a lot of possibilities.

So far, I am used to create a blank level as default map (project settings) and I Set visible or hidden when the player click on different menus (online mode, arcade, versus player…). My main concern is performance and bug, is this a good solution or is there a better one ?

Thanks in advance

What you are looking for is a widget switcher. The widget switcher is an item that can be placed in the UMG designer, it will display the child at the active index. You just need to child all of your menus with the widget switcher.