Perforce: Workspace and project folder

Hi there,

I don’t understand a very basic thing about the concept of Perforce.
Have just installed Perforce on two PCs at home.

My machine is running Perforce server, client and UE4, the second one only Perforce client and UE4.
Have tried to install Perforce on our OpenSuse Leap but that didn’t work and I didn#t want to lose more time.
I already have a project which I want to share with my girl working on the second machine.
We want to work with level streamed sub levels to be able to see the other’s work within each of our editors.

My questions are:
I don’t know how to treat the Workspaces thing within Perforce in connection with UE4’s project folder/s

  1. Should I create ONE Workspace per UE4 project?
  2. How should I treat existing projects? Create a Workspace and place/point it in the appropriate project folder or create a seperate folder in a different location and copy the UE4 files there? Wouldn’t the last be a bit strange doubling the hard disk space necessary?
  3. Basically: Should a Workspace and a project be different folders? (It’s clear to me that the server is completely seperated)

I have the follwing structure:

  • E:\Users\My Profile\My Documents\My Unreal Projects{multiple projects here}
  • E:\z_Perforce\Server{depots etc}
  • E:\z_Perforce\Workspaces\

I used to work with Git in web projects.
Is the terminology a bit like this?:

  1. Single UE4 Project folder = single project within my dev-Folder
  2. Workspace = local project repository
  3. Server = remote origin shared git repository

Thank you and hope you could understand what I mean :smiley:


Hey, did you get this sorted out? I am in a similar position and found your thread by googling for a solution.