[Perforce] Why don't assets get checked out automatically on edit (+ issues)?

Hey guys,

So I’ve connected my UE4 editor to my Perforce server, and I have the project inside a workspace, to the point that using the p4v client works fine. However, when I try to use UE4 with integrated Perforce, I can no longer ‘Check Out’ my assets in the content browser, and they don’t have their source control icons anymore (this worked yesterday, before using global connection settings in Editor Preferences). I have to manually check out individual files via the p4v client, and this is obviously a terrible workflow.

Additionally, assets don’t get checked out on edit/save. Should this occur? If an artist could open a Physics Asset, for example, and then edit it, having that asset automatically check itself out of source control would be amazing. Works that way in the Perforce plugins for Visual Studio.



I assume that the Editor is no longer able to connect to Perforce (i.e. that the icon in the top-right of the Editor is red)?

If you don’t use global source control settings, can you connect?

So we can diagnose your problem, can you supply a startup log for the Editor and attach it here? Logs are to be found in YourProjectFolder/Saved/Logs.