Perforce - Test Download crashes at startup

Hey all,

I’m currently trying to work with perforce as I think it would save my ■■■ one day. I followed Allar’s tutorial and have everything working. However, when I created a new workspace and tried to download the latest version from the remote depot (hosted on Digital Ocean), it crashes on startup. This does not help me at all if my cloud back up won’t open…
Anyone encounter this issue or have any clue where I can look?


Hey MingHsiung-

Could you post the link to the tutorial you were following? Also, how did you set up your workspace and are you referring to the latest version of Perforce?


Hi ,

  1. Here’s the tutorial: Setting up version control (Perforce) for Unreal Engine 4 using DigitalOcean and Ubuntu (Part 1)

  2. I set up my workspaces through P4V client. Added a new workspace right next to my working copy just to download the project. (fire drill)

  3. Yes, I just downloaded perforce from their site. should be the latest.

Things to note:

  1. I deleted the “autosaves” folder from the remote depot (assuming that will just keep accumlating) but then reverted to see if that was the problem.
  2. A smaller test project (top down shooter template) was tested fine when I downloaded it from remote depot. My current project is much larger.
  3. While learning perForce I accidentally lost a days work bc I pressed +add instead of just submit and it added a lot of files (like autosaves) that weren’t there before. I think I then hit remove or something to try and undo that…which caused my current project directory to be deleted! Freaking out I learned how to revert but it reverted to the day before. So I lost some stuff but that’s ok. I’ve redone everything and then some.
  4. Wondering if I should just replace the remote version w a fresh copy. I think I need to do some more tutorials on perForce because I recall when marking the autosaves remotely for deletion and submitting, it affected my local ue editor with warnings…

Hey MingHsiung-

We do not own Perforce directly, only its integration into the editor. If you’re having an issue with Perforce crashing on startup then your best option would be to contact Perforce for further support (