Perforce syncnot showning any changes

I have no idea what im doing wrong :slight_smile:

I installed a perforce server on my pc to sync the project between my Notebook and my PC but if i change anything on my pc and sumit the files to perforce, go over to my notebook, check in the changes nothing happend. If i sync nothing happend and if i refresh there is a yellow exclamation mark. By clicking on history the changes are listed but in the editor everything is the same as before.

And an other problem with perforce is that autosave has no writing permission.

For the changes, be sure to do a Diff against have revision before checking in to ensure there actually are changes. Also, after syncing, the editor will not get changes to Source Control status without refreshing.

For the autosave, be sure not to check in anything in the Saved, Intermediate, or DataDerivedCache folders, as those are auto generated per machine and are not automatically checked out.