Perforce Syncing + Check-Out Spam

The last few days me and a friend has been having a go at setting up Perforce for UE4 so we can work on the same project simultaneously. We came across some issues due to not having experience with it, but have now figured out how it works.

But there is however two issues we still have.

1. Syncing Doesn’t Work

No matter how we do things, clicking sync just doesn’t seem to ever do anything. If I add a blueprint for example and submit it - he’ll sync either that folder or the content(root) folder - nothing new shows up.

Restarting UE4 and it still does not show up. However, if he gets the latest revision via P4V it will show up right away whether UE4 is running or not. While not really too big an issue, it was enough to leave us scratching our heads for a while thinking we messed something up and doing it all over.

2. Check-Out Spam

I don’t know if my friend’s got this issue, but sometimes when I compile something I’ll get a few check-out notifications pop up even though the assets I’m using are already checked out.

One thing I did notice is that it only happens every other time I press compile. For example;

  1. No notification
  2. Notification spam
  3. No notification
  4. Notification spam

Usually it’s 3 or 4 notifications that show up. This spam happened on 4.11.2 as well. Other than that Source Control seems to work as intended and is very convenient when it works.

A little update with a possible way of reproducing the issue, or maybe it’s supposed to work like this - I really wouldn’t know. Either way this is a function from my custom game instance which I use to change active widget;

I noticed that it would show 6 check-out notifications, and clicking the check-out link not doing anything. If I manually went ahead and checked out the widgets for Main Menu, Single Player, Multiplayer, Settings and Loading - the notifications went from 6 to 1.

What the last one might be I’m not sure.

Hello Dealman, despite the complete silence since you posted this question, I’ve been taking a look at this. I’ve reproduced the first issue you mentioned and I’m sure that it worked the way you describe it should previously, so I’ll be entering something for that. I’m still working on looking at the other issues, although I’ve yet to have much luck reproducing the checkout spam you’re getting.

I’ll be sure to update you when I know more or need more information from you.

I wish I could be of more help, but it’s the first time I’ve set UE4 up with source control.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the issue;

I think it has something to do with blueprint communication, For example, my BP_BombPrototype communicates with 2 other blueprints;

BP_ExplosionPrototype (handles explosion and damage logic, this is spawned by BP_BombPrototype)

BP_GridGenerator (whenever a bomb is spawned, it gets the GridGenerator actor for snapping to the center of the grid as well as the rest of the logic to work)

And as demonstrated in the video above, 2 check-out notifications always show up - but nothing happens when I click to check them out as they’re already checked-out.

If you’ve got some thoughts and need me to try something, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to help solve this issue!

Another update, I managed to find another bug where it spits out a lot of check-out notifications whilst working in UMG if I copy and paste a large workspace.

Video example;

Thank you for that information. It seems that these are things that are only going to happen in a complex project with quite a few references going around so I’ll need to put aside some time to put together a test project for this. The video helps a lot to give me an idea of what I’ll need to test.

If it’s of any help I can upload my project on Google Drive and PM you the download link. :slight_smile:

That would be helpful. Please feel free to send the PM through our forums. Here is a link to my profile.

Hello Dealman,

After further testing using your project in one of our latest internal versions of the engine, it seems like these issues have stopped occurring. Unfortunately as I’m not sure where these fixes were checked in, I can’t provide a commit or anything of that sort for the issue but it looks like these issues will be fixed in 4.13.

I’ll be closing this as resolved for now. If you continue having any of these issues when 4.13 releases, please feel free to reopen this post.