Perforce Sync not refreshing properties in Content browser and scene


we managed to set up perforce to work with Unreal Engine 4 and as it seems, we got mostly everything right. Source Control of Editor successfully connects to perforce server and we are able to commit and checkout things inside content browser.
All connected clients also get feedback about current status of assets (whether they are checked out or not). Unfortunately, we do have some issues with Syncing of changed assets. For example, client A checks out a material and changes it’s color. Client B wants to work with that material as well, sees, that it’s already checked out and thus waits for client A’s commit. Afterwards Client B syncs material ( exclamation mark disappears) and is now thinking, that he sees correct, current version of said material. Unfortunately, Material changes aren’t yet propagated to his content browser. If, for example, diffuse color was changed from green to white, material in content browser of Client B after synching is still green. He needs to close and reopen whole edior to see correct version of material with now white diffuse color.

Is this really how it is supposed to be? Are we missing any point?

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This looks to be something we’ve overlooked, so I’ll file an issue to get it addressed. We would want to re-generate thumbnail for asset in question.

Thanks for immediate reply. But please consider, that it’s not just thumbnail. material itself doesn’t get properly refreshed. If you double-click it to open it in editor, “old” values are still there. Right now we actually need to close and reopen whole unreal editor to get correct, updated version of material.

Thanks - I’ll make a note of that in issue.

We are also hitting this teething issue with perforce. It seems like file itself is synced on filesystem but not refreshed in engine. If you restart editor, it will pick up change.

I’m on 4.6 preview and looking through repo and don’t see any changes to this for last month. Is this still on list? Assuming I’m looking in correct location: UnrealEngine / Engine / Source / Editor / SourceControlWindows

Definitely, you should fix this. I am going to teach people to disable P4 integration. It’s very much safer not using it, if this bug is around, since it provides a false sense of security that only brings disasters, anger and distrust in system. Things you really do not like to have on your project.

Getting this exact issue as well. Pressing “synch” in source control drop down menu does not do anything. We also need to close and reopen whole unreal editor to get correct updated version of whatever was checked in. Any plans of fixing it or does anyone know some solution?

Any solutions thus far to fix this? Properties are only updating when Unreal Editor is restarted…this is incredibly inconvenient.

No solutions as yet unfortunately, I have bumped thread we are having on this internally however!

Same issue, Syncing sometimes works, sometimes doesnt refresh, and i have to close editor and relaunch it to get changes.

Experiencing same issue! It makes development take exponentially longer because we have to wait for editor to restart every time we want to work with an updated asset.

After setting up some repro cases on my end to investigate similar errors, my team has also been running into this. It ended up causing a lot of unseen problems with different designers overwriting each other’s work without knowing. Closing and reopening seems to be less than ideal workaround.

Hi all,

This issue is still being looked into, and my understanding is a possible fix still needs a lot of testing. I have updated community interest on bug report (UE-6308). Thanks for your patience!

Any news on this?

Still happens in 4.8.3 and with svn. We’ve only been using Source Control (Subversion) for four days and already had at least one case (that we noticed) where one developer accidentally overwrote another one’s changes in a Blueprint they’d both properly checked out and committed (one after other, second starting work after syncing first one’s changes).

As stated above, after closing and reopening editor, everything is fine. Updating revision in an external tool (TortoiseSVN), then opening editor also works. (Updating externally with editor open usually fails because “files are already in use”.)

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Not much of an update except to say that they’re still actively working on solutions, and tracking it generally as UE-6308. scenario you described is specifically part of bug report. It looks like parts are fixed for Blueprints, but that fix needs to be checked against all other asset types, and this is going to take time (and resources). I’ll update here when I see anything get checked in.

Version 4.11 and still no fix? This is still a major issue when trying to work in a team!


This is still under assessment by development staff. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe of when a fix will be implemented as our resources are currently dedicated elsewhere. I have updated bug report to reflect that additional developers are experiencing this error.

“Our resources are currently dedicated elsewhere.”??? What’s wrong with you guys? This is a major issue and hasn’t got any attention in years. This is kind of features developers wants to be be fixed because they have impact on every day workflow. Unfortunately it’s not fancy stuff that looks good on website, which is clearly force that’s driving your priorities… Sigh!

Just started using Perforce tonight with a small team and immediately noticed this issue. Any updates?

From another

Hello Wheeze,

We’ve had a few other users report
this issue as well and I’ve previously
placed a bug report in for this. You
can find it here: UE-20789.
Unfortunately only workaround at
moment is to restart editor.
Please feel free to vote on report
so that we know people are interested
in getting it fixed, and hopefully
make it more of a priority. more ▼

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