Perforce Streams?


Will there ever be (or is there) support for Perforce streams as part of the UE4 Perforce integration?

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Allar has a great video on his blog about this!

There’s nothing about streams here, “streams” is a specific and relatively new feature of Perforce that makes branching a hell of a lot easier.

I don’t believe the Perforce integration in the editor supports them or any kind of branching. You’ll have to use P4V if you want to use streams.

Sadly, I have not seen streams being supported in UE4 even as of now.

It keeps asking me to enter the proper Perforce depot when I do restart the editor.
It only does it with the streamed depots tho.

Any new clue on that since the status seems not to have changed?

EDIT: Sorry to revive an old thread. I just found it more appropriate than creating a new one

I am also sorry to revive an old thread. This thread seems to be the most relevant when searching for Perforce StreamDepots and UE4. I’m wondering if anyone had any advice on using Streams with UE4? Streams look fantastic for handling branches. However, is it best to stick to the standard depots when using UE4? I really like the UE4 Perforce integration and if it still doesn’t support streams it’s probably worth sticking to standard depots.

I will be testing with Streamdepots and hope to report back any findings too.

I have also been looking into this and not had much luck. I was hoping to be able to use task streams within one workspace to manage lightweight tasks. However, any changes made from within UE4 are made to the mainline stream even if I have the task stream active in the P4V workspace. I am a Perforce novice, and so this has cost me several hours of trying to figure out how to move changes between streams.