Perforce Streams - What's the best workflow?

Hello all!

I’m currently leading a team of 12 or so (some programmers, some designers, etc.), and we’re looking to start the next prototype of our project fully using Perforce as our VCS. We’ve got UnrealGameSync pushed as well with precompiled binaries, so that’s all set up, however there’s still the question of how exactly we should handle streams? We come from a git-flow/feature-branching background, and we don’t know if a similar approach would work. Does anyone have any insight?

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Hey! After 10 months of testing, do you have any feedback on the workflow? We are converting to Perforce now as well, and were wondering the same thing. Would appreciate some notes, on how best to go about using Perforce in UE as well as alongside other DCC. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey! We’re currently still getting our footing, but it ended just being one main trunk for everything; with the occasional stream for major refactors.

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