Perforce SSO authentication - renew ticket flow

Hello UE4 community!

I recently started using SSO for authenticating in the Perforce server. Whenever there is a valid P4 ticket, I am simply logged in to P4. If the ticket has expired, running a P4 command will automatically open a browser tab to allow me to select my account for OAuth, renewing the ticket which allows me to work as normal.

In UE however, authentication seems to depend on a valid ticket or P4PASSWD being set correctly. So when the ticket has expired and I haven’t gone through the usual login process (ie, from P4V), the editor will throw an error about an invalid P4PASSWD. My server is restricted to SSO authentication without password fallback.

I would like that the UE behavior would mimic the one in P4V (automatically open a browser tab for OAuth), but I can’t seem to find any setting that allows it.

Is there a way I can avoid the “must renew P4 ticket from some other app” behavior? Allowing password fallback is sadly not an option at this point.

Thanks in advance!