Perforce source control

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup perforce source control for my project to help with team collaboration. However, i’m struggling with it.

I’ve downloaded the p4v server and client. I’ve setup a server on my local machine that is running fine and has been allowed through the firewall. I’ve created a user and a workspace and added all the project files to it. I can connect to this fine. I can check out and update etc.

My issue is when trying to allow other team members to do the same. I’ve created new user profiles in pv4 client without a workspace. This user is also able to successfully connect through ue4. This user is not able to download the existing project to be able to work on it.

Where am I going wrong?

Anyone got any tips or suggestions? Really banging my head over this right now!

What do you mean? What is happening?

What I mean is that the second user successfully connects to the perforce server within UE4. However, there’s no way/option for this user to download the existing source code from that server within ue4. I know it’s going to be a setup issue of some sort but not sure what it is I have done wrong. Some bullet points

  • I’ve created two users within the perforce server
  • The main user has a workspace created with the source code associated to it
  • The main user has the source doe on their own machine
  • The main user is able to connect and checkout/in/sync the source code between the server and ue4 instace.
  • The second user has no workspace created in perforce server
  • The second user has no project source code on their local machine
  • The second user successfully is able to connect to perforce source control through UE4
  • The second user when connected to perforce through UE4 has no access to the source files and cannot download them ready to work on it

Apologies if i’m using incorrect terminology or something. I could create a workspace for the second user and add the source files to it. I can also provide the second user the source files to have locally and this would I imagine work. However, wouldn’t this result in two separate branches of the same source and not both users working off the same branch?

I don’t know about with Perforce, but I know with subversion I had to use a separate client (aside from the engine) to make a first pull of the source code. Once I had done that the engine could work with it and make it’s own pushes and pulls just fine.

To be fair this is what I was wondering. I’m copying the source to an external hard drive. Will then try it from my other laptop using this and see how it goes.