Perforce source control beginner issues

Hi guys!

I’ve finally got source control up and running with perforce, but I am having some issues. I followed Reuben Wards tutorial on YouTube and it has been very easy to follow.

The main issue right now has to do with the “Built Data” files that gets modified whenever we work on a level. I helped my brother set up source control on his end yesterday and when he tried to Chek in the built data, the engine just froze.

I tried it on my computer with the same level and mine froze to but after maybe a couple of minuets it was cheked in and working again…

My computer is a bit more powerful than my brother so I kind of deduced that the app did not crash on his end, but was not finished syncing the file.

I mostly handle programming and sound so I don’t work to much in the main levels of the game so I would rarely have to build any lighting, but still I wonder:

**Can I add the “Built Data” files to the ignore files in order to get rid of this bottle neck? Or will this break something? **

Thanks alot for any advice!